Industry Leaders: Develop All Of Your Content in Only 1 Hour A Month

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What is setting industry leaders apart from others in their field? Content.

What if I told you all you needed to do was show up for one hour each month and all your content would be done?

You'd probably think I was full of it. But that's exactly what this program does. You meet with a trained member of our team for one hour each month for an interview-style video meeting. This Q&A style format delivers amazing content relevant to your business and your customer that is then broken up into content for the entire month to use on social media, your website and in emails.

What You Get Every Month:

Video Content: 12 short clip videos sized and ready for social media. You'll also get one long-form video great for SEO and repurposing into a podcast.

Social Graphics: Between posting of your video content, you should post image content as well. We will provide 8 graphics for your use that are relevant to the topics discussed in your monthly interview.

Email Content: 4 emails will also be created from your monthly interview to be distributed to your database.

*offer exclusions and limitations apply.

And our plans are flexible! You can get all of the above for as little $497 a month. Need our team to handle the posting, send out emails and more? We can do that too! Our packages are based off your needs.

P.S. We are also using some cutting edge software and A.I. technology to automate sales processes - swiftly engaging with leads, booking appointments directly to your calendar, and enhancing show-up rates. Ask us more about that!

Go ahead and schedule a call with our team today! No pressure, information based discussion to see what you could really do in your industry if you upped your content game.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At our organization, we are dedicated to simplifying the process for you and taking the workload off your shoulders. Here's how we do it:

Minimal Time Commitment:

Just give us an hour a month for an enlightening conversation about your business and industry, and we handle the rest.

Expert Planning & Strategy:

Our team of experts conducts extensive strategy sessions to identify key markets, fine-tune your unique value proposition, and define your target audience, paving the way for a comprehensive and effective content plan.

Comprehensive Services:

From ideating and scripting to shooting and editing, we handle every aspect of video production. You don't need to worry about what to say or how to say it - we've got you covered.

Consistency and Reach:

We ensure the timely creation and distribution of your content, consistently delivering valuable insights to your audience and expanding your reach.

Many industry and local leaders have experienced transformative growth in their brand presence and business through this strategy (including myself).

Looking Towards Conversions & Revenue Growth

While building authority and trust is crucial, we understand that the ultimate goal is conversions and revenue growth. Our approach is designed to not only enhance your brand presence but to also drive real business results – boosting your conversions and accelerating your revenue growth.

Why SHOULD YOU trust me?

Brandon Presenting with World Renown Marketer

Billy Gene is Marketing

I have had the unmatched experience of:

  • Working over a decade for large corporations in sales with great success (won several awards including President Club trips and Sales Director of the Year for the PGA TOUR - TPC Properties). This also included coaching, training, and hiring sales pros and team members.

  • Building my own digital marketing business over the past 6+ years from nothing to having a great team and generating millions in revenue. It is now running and growing without my 100% involvement so I can now focus on helping others do the same. And I have done this utilizing the exact same methods, processes, systems, and strategies that I will help you and your team implement

  • Collaborating with some of the best sales training brands like Sandler Sales Training, a world-renowned leader in sales training, I've helped both new and experienced sales professionals, as well as other client-facing teams, enhance their sales abilities, improve their results and boost their closing rates.

  • The proven results I, along with my team, have helped hundreds of other businesses achieve utilizing the same processes, systems, and strategies I used to grow my business (see a few testimonials below)

I have also been recognized as a "Top 150 Marketers to Follow" by Rubicly as well as one of the "Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023" by LA Weekly. And I've been featured on several top podcasts and media outlets like...

About Brandon Cockrell

Brandon is the CEO of Linchpin Sales Interactive, an Atlanta-based agency that's generated well over 7 figures in revenue, focused on digital growth for our partners. Before starting his own company, Brandon worked 12 years in sales and marketing with large corporations such as Wells Fargo and the PGA TOUR. But Brandon had a passion for helping small to medium sized business truly excel so he left the corporate world to start his journey of growing his own business while helping other business owners grow theirs.

Today, Linchpin Sales Interactive has grown to a team of 12 experts serving clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations.


Valerie B.

"Brandon and his team truly understand how to create successful marketing advertising strategies for businesses. If companies are ready to increase their productivity and presence in the market, Linchpin Interactive is a great fit for them."

Darren B.

"These guys are truly experts in their field. There are very few that understand the intricacies of marketing through Facebook the way that the people at Linchpin do."

Amanda D.

"Brandon and Maghan are professional, knowledgeable, and they really care about their clients. I have recommended them to several other businesses and will continue to do so. The time and money they have saved me is amazing!"

With our Brand Amplifier program, you're not just building a brand, you're becoming an industry leader. Ready to start your journey? Let's chat.

There is NO RISK. That's on me!

We offer a 'No-Risk Guarantee' to make your decision effortless. Commit to the program for 60 days, allow for the content to be put into practice, and take the action steps we outline. If you engage fully yet don't see results, we'll happily refund your investment. This is our commitment to your success and it ensures the risk is on us, not you. So let's embark on this inspiring journey together, confident in our shared dedication to your growth.

Remember, building your brand is not an expense - it's an investment. An investment in your future. An investment in your success. Let's start building today.

With our Brand Amplifier program, you're not just building a brand, you're becoming an industry leader. Ready to start your journey? Let's chat.


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